why choose savage strong?

  • Putting the "personal" in your online coaching experience

  • Access to ME and me alone. No staff or automated responses

  • This is my PASSION. I WANT you to learn what it takes to build a beautiful, lean, muscular physique. That brings me joy!

  • I am entirely self-taught. I've gained my knowledge by applying what I've learned through extensive training, research and trial and error.

  • I do NOT guarantee results. You have to do the work. Hard work and consistency. THAT'S what guarantees results.

  • This is a NO BULLSHIT zone. There are NO quick fixes, NO fad diets, NO 30-day transformations. I want to teach you how to make this a lifestyle.

  • I'm honest, blunt, loyal, and funny as shit. You can take that to the bank.

  • This will be FUN. Ok, maybe not "FUN" like a day at the beach, but it does NOT have to be a miserable experience!


Savage Strong

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