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YouTube Channel Coming 2018!

Some people love YouTube/videos. Some people don't. But I keep hearing that having a YouTube channel is imperative to having a successful business, so I'm going to give it a go.

I have some initial thoughts on how it will be formatted; how often I will make videos; how long they will be (read: SHORT!), etc.

What I need from YOU - my beloved Savages - are your constructive thoughts on what you'd most like to see from me (i.e. workout tips, motivation tips, inspiration, exercise demos, meal ideas, workout clothes reviews, me standing around being all bad ass and shit...). You get the gist.

So throw 'em my way, please! Like right meow. I'm running out of time in 2017. Hahaha! If you don't like videos or won't watch them, that's cool too.

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