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So You're Going To Start "Tomorrow"

I see it all of the time. Hell, I DO it myself occasionally. You're self-conscious, your shirt is too tight, your jeans are too tight. So, you're sitting in public, and you reach down and pluck your shirt away from your belly roll (real or perceived).

I see skinny women do it. I see overweight women do it. I see men do it. And I do it. Well, I don't want to do it anymore!

It's December 26th. Christmas 2017 has come and gone. It was wonderful! We spent time with family and friends. We enjoyed parties and social events; and we ATE. And we ate and we ate.

Perhaps we worked out consistently throughout the past weeks. Perhaps we didn't. Too late to go back now, so we say to ourselves, "Listen here, asshat, ya gotta put on the brakes with eating all the crap! Tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow!"

But tomorrow never comes. Because now, "tomorrow" IS today; and "TOMORROW" will STILL be TODAY. Ya feel me on this? And it will be December 27th, and so on and so forth.

Each day that we say "tomorrow", we are chipping away at all of our "todays".

So we have to take TODAY by the balls. If you're consistent with your workouts and think to yourself, "WTF?!?! I can't lose any weight/fat; no matter how hard I workout!?!?" Then it's your diet. Period.

Pfffft. You know this. But I will tell you THIS: Starting TODAY to get that nutrition in line; THAT'S what will finally cure you of chronic shirt-plucking.

Bah, Memorial Day is SO far away though. You can start tomorrow, right? NOT ME. I'm starting TODAY. Yes, I'm still going to enjoy each and every minute of what is remaining of the Holiday season, but I'm not going to be an asshole about it. I want this shit too badly.

So you either keep on plucking or you get to the hard work of figuring out how you need to eat to SEE the results you work so hard for in the gym. It's up to you. Just don't be mad when it's May 1st and all of your "tomorrows" slipped away and you spend yet another summer in loose-fitting clothes, plucking away your todays.

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