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You've seen it. Read it. Heard it. Skippy or Sally are over here making you feel like warm shit on a shoe with their: "No cheating for me over the Holidays! #Goals"

Are they preparing for a physique competition? If so, it's understandable to a degree. However, a bit of pie or some mashed potatoes can likely even fit into THEIR diet on one fucking day.

Ask yourself this: "Am I in competition prep?" Or this: "Am I pretty disciplined most of the time with my nutrition?"

If your answer is, "No!" to the prior; and "Yes!" to the latter...then eat up, mofo!


  • It's only a day or 4 a year.

  • It will NOT keep you from reaching your physique goals.

What keeps you from reaching your physique goals? Likely eating like an asshole 300 days of the year.

Did you know you can even gobble all those goodies up and may not even gain an ounce????


Go for a hike with the fam. Or, if you can't stand the people, go for a hike by yourself. For hours. Be MORE active around the Holidays. Just MOVE more.

PLAN your Holiday meal. Fit it into your macros. AND, if you can't, or don't want to? That's fine too! Again, it's only a day or 4 a year!

Skippy and Sally who are all haughty and show-offish with their "#Goals". Meh. Not impressed. What impresses me? Balance, laughter, good pie, Rum Chata, and people who STILL reach their goals while enjoying all of it!

You ARE #SavageStrong

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