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  • "You look incredible! Tell me what program you're doing, so that I can do it too, and look EXACTLY like you, because I'll be doing the EXACT same program!"

  • "Train me! I want to look like you!"

  • "OMG! Check out those CrossFitters' bodies!"

  • "Holy Hell, have you seen the asses on those sprinters???"

  • "That Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres? She's ripped. I'm gonna take up swimming!" (This one likely dates me, huh? Hahaha!)

Now, I think it's wonderful when someone gets fired up to start working out! Whether they're just starting out or starting a new program that they think or hope will get them fired up [again]!

Secondly, all those people I mentioned above? I have a secret: It's not the program. Yes, they work hard; yes, a program helps build a physique. But does it REVEAL a physique?

You've heard it said a thousand times: "You cannot out-train a bad diet." Or, "Abs are built in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen." Or, "20% Gym; 80% diet" (or some other crazy percentage that just seems fucking unbelievable and you're going to prove "them" wrong if it takes trying every fucking program known to mankind!).

Finally, we're going to assume that if you're reading my blog, you are interested in being strong and building a muscular, lean physique. And we're going to assume that you are already consistently working out.

So all those people I mentioned above...yeah, it's their diet/nutrition that is ultimately revealing the the physique you find so admirable. The program builds it; nutrition REVEALS it. Deep down, you likely know this. This is just your fucking gentle reminder.

If you're struggling with what/how/how much to eat to achieve your physique goals, keep me in mind! I'd love the opportunity to help you with your fitness and/or nutrition programs.

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