Rest days. There are several opinions as to their necessity and their benefits (or lack thereof).


I have this brilliant, beautiful, sexy, amazing fitness/accountability group called "Savage Strong" (shocking, no?). It's chock full of these remarkable human beans who work their asses off, who make shit happen, who support each other, who hold themselves accountable and each other accountable. We laugh, we lift each other up, we feel each others' pain, annnnnnnnnnnnnnd...some of us take rest days and some of us don't. Some of us do 2-a-days and have miraculous recovery. Some of us have epic workouts every damn day, and some of us have epic workouts once a month. 


In my experience, do I notice a huge difference in the progress/results/mentality of those who DO take rest days and those who DON'T? Nope. Not one iota of difference.


But here's an interesting little story. I'm bulking, but I'm not gaining anything other than strength and a bit of fat, as far as I can tell. Now, we all know things are going on under the surface because I'm lifting heavy as FUCK in the hypertrophy (i.e. growth) rep range, eating above maintenance, and I'm simply exhausted. 


I put this out to the group yesterday (my frustration over lack of gains), and the input was incredibly enlightening! While I'm quite experienced and educated in the science of strength training and nutrition, I certainly don't know everything and there are times that I can't see the forest for the trees. THIS is where having my Savage support system is KEY!




So my buddy, Tom, comments on my post and kindly reminds me of  the importance of REST DAYS when it comes to muscle growth!!! *cue Angels singing* I'm continually tearing my muscles down with my workouts. If I continue the cycle; they NEVER get a chance to GROW! HALLELUJAH, AMEN, PRAISE THE LORT! Can I get a HALLELUJAH!?!? 


And while I'm the first person to encourage people to EAT, REST, LIFT HEAVY, TRAIN SMART, etc. I'd likely make a lousy client. Ha! 


I'm also the first person to remind others that visible abs really aren't all that important 9-10 (to 12?) months out of the year, so FUCK IT. EAT THE FOOD, TAKE THE REST, LIFT THE HEAVY SHIT...WEAR your SAVAGE STRONG HOODIES & SWEATSHIRTS and no one will be the wiser! Haha! 


There will ALWAYS be the people whose recovery is fucking miraculous, those who shout, "I'LL REST WHEN I'M DEAD!", those who are seemingly INCAPABLE of rest days because they can't handle 'em...we will let them do THEM. I will respect their hard work and I will be the first person to compliment them when I notice their progress/results.


But for ME TODAY - and for the foreseeable future - I'm prescribing myself 2-3 rest days a week. *DISCLAIMER: I've always taken 1 day of rest a week; and a few full weeks off every year. But it's been a while since I've taken more than one day off a week. :)


Happy GAINS, my friends! 


You ARE #SavageStrong


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