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Lost Your Workout Mojo?

That frog? His name is "Mojo".

He's a bouncy, slippery little fucker. He's here, he's there...he's on the table, he's on your leg...sometimes, he's nowhere to be found. You search everywhere for Mojo, you call his name: "MOJO!!!! WHERE ARE YOU, MOJO?????" You pray to the frog gods: "OH, FROG GODS, I WANT MY MOJO BACK!"

Most of us have had a Mojo. Most of us have lost a Mojo. But MOST of us find our Mojo again. How????

There are generally two camps:

  • Those who workout because they love how it makes them FEEL; and

  • Those who workout because they love how it makes them LOOK.

When you've been doing it long enough, it's generally about how it makes you FEEL and you have become addicted to that feeling. On those days when I just hate the thought of working out (and know that that ONE workout isn't going to be the workout that finally makes me reach my physique goals), I have to think about how I will FEEL after I workout. THAT love is what gets.shit.done.

Basically, I find Mojo whether he wants to be found or not. Feel me?

So, Mojo becomes less of a real frog and more of an imaginary frog (because he was so real before, you know).

Say you already have a banging body...why bother, right? "YOU'RE DONE!" as that one comedian says. Fuck no, you're not done. You're just getting warmed up! There are people (maybe even tiny human beans aka your spawn) counting on you to teach them discipline, dedication, consistency, strength of body, strength of character...where are they gonna learn that shit from, if not you?

There are friends and family who feel inadequate with you kicking ass every damn day. Prove them right! Maybe...just MAYBE they'll go from feeling inadequate to wanting to learn what it takes to be as bad ass as YOU!

So there ya have it. It's how this shit goes. You accept it; you suck it up; you STAY SAVAGE!

I'm available to help you figure out a workout plan and/or macro plan so you can find YOUR Mojo again! Slippery lil fucker...

Stay #SavageStrong

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