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I bailed on my workout.

I can tell you the reasons, but do they really matter? Aren't they merely excuses? Savages don't make excuses!

Do I feel badly about it? Yep. Do I think I could have finished the workout? Yep. But did I? NOPE.

Here's the thing: I do bail on my workouts. RARELY. I think it's happened less than 5 times over 14 years of training. This shit happens.

So, what will the rest of my day look like? Like every fucking other day. I won't beat myself up over it. I won't starve myself. I won't regret it. What hasn't been done; cannot be done now. I move forward. I smile. I feel strong, competent, able, fucking unstoppable.

How? Because it's who I am. It's who YOU are, right? Being Savage Strong is a state of body, yes. But even more than that, it's a state of mind. A strong mind will take you through a day when your body is less than strong.

So, please, I'm fucking beggin' ya. Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself that one tiny pothole doesn't make you veer off the road. You hit that pothole straight on. You accept that it's part of the road. You wish the road commission would fucking do something about. And even if they do, they'll miss other potholes. Because it's what THEY do. Ha.

That's it for today, my friends. I hope that if you take nothing else away from this blog; you take away the fact that we ALL struggle, and that's ok! It doesn't mean you're not competent, able, Savage Strong and fucking unstoppable!

Savage Strong

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