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I gotta be honest. I see far too many people claiming to...

A) Workout out like the Devil;

B) Commenting "#goals" on pics of MUSCULAR friends; yet all the while...

C) Looking exactly the same year after year.

So either "#goals" is a flat out lie, or they are just not sure how to build muscle. If looking the same is your goal, and you just enjoy working out for the sake of working out (yikes!), you can stop reading right meow.


You make it to the gym a couple times a week. You workout hard! Then, the next week, life gets in the way, and you don't make it at all. Then, you make it FIVE times the next week! Yay, you! But then, only 2 times the next week...

See what I'm getting at here? That's like trying to become a good bowler on an every-other-week league (it ain't gonna happen - trust me LOL).

But on the flip side:

Never taking a rest day

Rest is when we grow. If you're breaking down your muscles with heavy, intense lifting sessions; they need time to recover!

Not enough protein

At least 1g per pound of body weight. Especially when dieting.

Not taking creatine monohydrate

Legal, common, easy to take, cheap.

Too much cardio

It's ok to enjoy doing cardio. It's even ok to DO cardio. But if you don't learn how to use it, when to use and how often to use it; along with the nutrition/diet needed for building muscle, that cardio is just going to eat away at any chance you have to build muscle.

Not Pushing Yourself/Progressing

There's a saying: "Nothing changes if nothing changes." This applies perfectly to building muscle. You have to push yourself to places you didn't know you could even go. Places of pain and burning and soreness. Not every workout has to be epic; but you should TRY to make it epic. You have to continue to lift heavier, occasionally fail, try again; do one more rep; one more set...

Constantly Dieting/Cutting/Eating at a Deficit

First, your metabolism will be dead in the water. Second, you will not have the energy you need for intense lifting sessions. Third, you can't grow if you're eating at a deficit.

If your #goals include building a lean, muscular physique:

  1. Be consistent (day-in/day-out; year-after-year)

  2. Take rest days

  3. Get your protein

  4. Take your creatine

  5. Don't "cardio away" all of your efforts

  6. Push yourself

  7. Eat, eat, eat!

I'm here to help you. If you're looking for workout/macro guidance, I would love to help you reach your physique goals!

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