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5 Things You Should Be Getting From Your Online Coach


I far too often hear "Well, when I DO hear from my coach..." or "If I ever heard from my coach..."

UN.FUCKING.ACCEPTABLE. If you are not hearing from your coach OFTEN or have not agreed to a specific number of contacts per day or week under your contract (you have a signed contract, right?), will you reach your goals? You hired him/her for a reason, right?


Contact. Response. Availability. If you hear from your coach whenever he/she can "squeeze you in"...UN.FUCKING.ACCEPTABLE. If you email, call or text your coach, you should be getting a response within an agreed-upon time frame.



Your coach should be building you up, pushing you and challenging you. He or she should be checking in on you often; inquiring how you're feeling; whether you're liking and understanding your workouts; making sure you're mentally in the game; cheering your progress; and encouraging you when you feel discouraged or reach a plateau. Helping you fix shit.

Health Questionnaire/

Exercise Modifications

You filled out and signed a PAR-Q form before beginning your coach's program, right? This is required. It tells your coach about your present and past heart health, medical and injury history, as well as what medications you might be taking . These must be taken into consideration before prescribing any workout/nutrition program.

Nutrition Recommendations/


Your progress has stalled; your energy is low; you're tired; you're weak; your quality of life sucks ass...but your coach doesn't address your current diet????? UN.FUCKING.ACCEPTABLE. Nutrition plays a HUGE, HUGE, HUUUUUUUUUUUGE role in how strong you are; how energetic you are; how fabulous you feel; and whether or not you stick to the fucking plan. If you're prescribed more and more cardio, or told to consume 900 calories; they're both wrong. No way, no how should you ever feel like utter shit for long. One exception *may* be during competition prep; but you're only preparing to rock LIFE, right? Rocking the stage is a different animal, entirely. And even then, feeling like shit shouldn't last for long.

You pay good money for this shit. You've gotten to this point because you need help and you're ready to tackle your workouts and nutrition head on. Make sure that is what is happening. Make sure you're receiving the help that you have paid good money for; and that the person who is helping you is present and knowledgeable and doing everything in his/her power so that you will achieve your goals!

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