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Yes, you do. Did you know that you can spot yourself? When working with dumbbells iso-laterally (one side at a time) you can just very lightly give that dumbbell a nudge up; or, you can very gently rest a finger or hand under a dumbbell on the eccentric (lowering) portion of the exercise. For instance, when doing dumbbell hammer curls; when you get to that rep that you just CANNOT perform; gently nudge that dummbell up with your opposing hand. Likewise, that dumbbell may be too heavy at this point to lower with control. So place your opposing hand under it, and just very lightly offer some resistance as you lower the dumbbell. You can do this on many upper body moves!


On Labor Day, I will be rolling out SEVERAL new Savage Strong and SheSavage products in their respective stores on Teespring. I'm so stoked to be able to offer you this fantastic apparel for both gym and casual wear. I wear it with so much pride; and I hope you will too! #SavageStrong is kind of a big deal - in my heart. :D There will be FREE SHIPPING (U.S. only) on everything in BOTH stores until I decide to no longer offer free shipping. Ha. So please, please share my ad posts when you see them! You never know when I'm going to feel extra generous and reward you with even more impressive offers or freebies!

Catch ya soon!

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