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The Power of Words

A few summers ago, someone asked me (at the sandbar on our lake) incredulously: "You workout?!?!" To say I was crushed is an understatement. After 10+ years of working my ass off; people couldn't even see it? I don't lift for the accolades, but I digress...I vowed at that very moment that no one would ever look at me and question whether I worked out.

Many years ago, a woman said to her personal trainer while pointing at me: "I want to look like that!" To which her trainer responded: "It's all about nutrition." I'll never forget that statement. NOT that she wanted to look like me; but the importance of dialing in your nutrition to really showcase your hard work in the gym.

At that same gym, a different personal trainer nicknamed me "The Real Deal". I was a fledgling lifter, but I was there every day grinding; progressing; alone; pushing myself and transforming my physique. Those words have stuck with me and I subconsciously vowed to never be less than what I put myself out to be. To always be real, raw, honest, hardworking...people respect that shit; whether you know it or not. They're inspired by it!

I've played with thoughts of competing. A bikini or figure competitor, I am not (just not my personality). And I refuse to use pharmaceutical assistance to reach my physique goals. So, when I was told "You don't have enough muscle to compete in bodybuilding." Or when someone says "You look "fit"". My priority becomes to GAIN more muscle! I'll likely never compete; but being asked if I do compete makes my heart burst.

"Words are seeds." Whether said by you - or to you - they are seeds that grow into something beautiful or something ugly. It's not up to the person saying them to predict how you interpret them and what you do with them. It's up to YOU! We can blame the speaker all our lives; and use that as the crutch for every failure we experience...OR, we can THANK the speaker every day for planting the seed that pushes us beyond our limits and to become who we envision ourselves to be!

OWN YOUR SHIT! MAKE SHIT HAPPEN! NEVER let anyone else dictate WHO you are! SHOW THEM.

Stay #SavageStrong

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