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"Food is Fuel" Continued...

Carbohydrates give us energy. We know this right? So, it stands to figure that the more carbs; the more energy and STRENGTH for lifting, RIGHT???? Right! So, when our goal is MUSCLE GROWTH, we generally use carbs (glycogen) as our fuel. The more carbs, the more fuel (glycogen). Now, this does NOT mean that we consume unlimited carbs; only that our macronutrient percentages are adjusted during this time when we are concentrating on GROWTH. You can't GAIN anything if you're giving less than it needs.

Imagine a glass of water, if you will. A glass half full will leave you thirsty ("dieting", "cutting", lacking energy (glycogen)).

A glass filled to the brim; and you'll sate your thirst and feel pretty damn amazing and strong (this would be "maintenance").

Now, what about overflowing ("bulking")? You've got EXTRA water, right? It's made a fucking mess now; so you have to soak it up. But how? By USING that extra water to clean the counter, of course. Duh. Not only is your body no longer thirsty (lacking energy), but you've USED the extra water to do something GOOD! You won't get fat from those extra carbs (because you're USING them for intense, powerful, progressive lifting sessions, you see?); but you will appear "fuller" and perhaps smoother because carbs fill the cells with stuff that is MEANT to be USED.

Where shit gets messy is when people get water all over the damn counter and just leave it there; NOT using it. Continuously overfill your glass and leave all of that water unused and what happens? It HAS to go somewhere, people (belly, hips and thighs, oh my!).

So, don't look at those carbs as a BAD thing if your goal a lean, MUSCULAR physique. They are GOOD. So, so, soooooo fucking good! You will feel happy, full, energized and fucking #SavageStrong!

Carbs are a GIFT. The gift of energy, strength, power, and growth. Accept this gift and USE it!!!

Stay #SavageStrong

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