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Does it mean that you eat the things that taste like ass solely because they are defined as "good for you" and/or because they will help you reach your physique goals?

You can, if you want. Ptuey. Not me. No way, no how. I do not eat anything that tastes like ass. Because there is ALWAYS more than one way to a destination. ALWAYS. Life is too short to eat things that taste like ass because someone says you should "eat A" or else you won't get to "B". BULL.SHIT.

For example, I made some chicken breast. I am highly sensitive to texture and taste. There wasn't enough fucking Frank's Hot Sauce in the world to disguise the fact that I may as well have been eating one of these:

So, in the trash it went. And out came the protein powder. Yes, I chose my delicious protein powder OVER chicken breast that day. And you know what? *GASP* I didn't fucking lose one single gain. Not one. I felt great, I looked fucking awesome, and I was happy.

Does "Food is Fuel" mean that you should only eat brown rice, sweet potatoes, shredded wheat and only unprocessed foods? It can, if you want it to (good luck finding truly unprocessed foods). But you don't have to want to! Did you know you can eat white potatoes, white bread and white rice and your body will thank you for it? They have vitamins too, you know? It's like fucking reverse discrimination. WHITE PRODUCTS MATTER!!! They're carbs. They're ENERGY. They're fucking delicious.

"Food is fuel" should read: "ALL food is fuel". It's fuel for your brain, your body, your WORKOUTS, your muscles. If your macro plan calls for 250g of carbs, you can have sweet potatoes, apples, brown rice, protein plus pasta, steel cut oats; AND, you can have white, red, yellow or purple potatoes, white pasta, white rice, cinnamon bears and Lucky Charms. Mix that shit up. Don't eat what tastes like ass because you THINK it's the only way from "A" to "B".

Am I saying no discipline is required? No. That's fucking ridiculous. Get your macro goals for your current physique goal; and hit those numbers any fucking way you want.

To be continued...

~Brooke J. Savage, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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