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5...ummmm...10...ummmm...12 Things We KNOW About Fat Loss...

Yet simply REFUSE to accept!

1. Fat loss and weight loss are two entirely different animals. You know this. We want to lose FAT to uncover our muscle, right? We don't want to just lose weight.

2. Fat does NOT weigh MORE than muscle! 1 lb is 1 fucking lb, people. 1 lb of fat takes up more space than 1 lb of muscle. Muscle is denser, yet more compact. Thereby, a 5'6" individual with low body fat will likely appear much smaller - yet weigh substantially MORE - than a 5'6" individual with a high body fat percentage.

3. All "diets" work. Why? Because they put you at a caloric deficit. Science and shit, my friends.

4. Fat loss should be SLOW, unless you want to lose all your damn muscle that you've slaved to build over months or YEARS.

5. You can eat ONLY...*gasp*...bread, cereal, pasta and pizza and lose weight. That's right, fuckers. IF you're eating less of all those things than you're burning, you will lose weight. I don't recommend it, but it's simply fact.

6. If you want to appear "ripped", a) you must lift heavy shit consistently, and lifting heavy shit MUST be your priority over cardio; and b) your goal is fat loss; NOT weight loss. You want to appear like a starving, wet cat? Here's how you do that: Eat next to nothing and do hours of cardio.

7. You can eat 1500 calories at 8pm, go to bed at 11pm, and STILL lose fat! GAAAAAAAAAH!!! It's a fucking miracle, right? NO. It's because your burned 2500 calories that day with your lifting, walking your dog, shopping and just breathing. FACT.

8. Doing a competition for the sake of saying you're a "competitor" is not the key to fat loss. Yes, you will lose fat; but an unhealthy prep, not taking the time to build enough muscle, overdoing cardio, and not understanding reverse dieting can lead to embarrassment on stage and a rebound from HELL.

9. All fat loss leads to the loss of some muscle. So, take this shit to the bank: You'd better have taken some time (years!) to build some fucking muscle, before you attempt a major fat loss effort.

10. Patience trumps all the fucking things. You can't buy patience. You can eat all the bacon and avocados in town, but if you aren't fucking educated on how to get back to eating like a normal person some day (because, trust me, you WILL), you'll gain back every ounce of fat (or weight) you've lost, and likely MORE.

11. Fat loss is hard as fuck, but it DOES get easier the more muscle you build. This is why there are few truly "lean" individuals in this world. It's incredibly difficult to get lean and stay lean.

12. Knowing your appropriate calorie AND macronutrient (protein, carbs, fat) goals during each phase of your goal is key. If you don't track your food intake, well, good luck with that shit.

That's it for now. I have more nuggets in my noggin', but I'll leave you to your day now. Today, I rest. I allow my body to recover, my energy to regenerate, my muscles to heal and GROW, so they can take another beating this week.

I'm always here. Share this blog, subscribe to my website, hit me up if you need help learning how to workout/eat for your goals.

My passion is SHARING my passion and my knowledge. I don't know it all, but I know a bit. We all learn, if we WANT to learn. Otherwise, we follow the masses and continue praying for the next fat loss miracle. There will NEVER be one. EVER. Not in our lifetime.

~Brooke Savage, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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