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Question of the Day: "Do I have to do cardio IN ADDITION to weightlifting to lose body fat?"

Short answer: No. There are many types of weightlifting workouts that you can implement that ARE cardio/fat-burning without requiring a treadmill, elliptical, step mill, etc. There are also other forms of cardio that aren't as traditionally boring as the machines mentioned. Tabata is one of my favorites. It's short, sweet and muscle-preserving. There may come a point in your fat loss journey where you plateau, and you may HAVE to add in a bit of treadmill, elliptical, etc., but you really should never have to do so, unless you WANT to, of course. In a best case scenario, your nutrition should take care of your fat loss; not a ton of [unwanted/dreaded] cardio.

Bonus Question: "As a woman, do I HAVE to work chest?"

Yes. Why wouldn't you work chest? Do you want to have a balanced physique? If for no other reason, build up those pecs to lift and separate the girls! And, also, chest crack is sexy AF! And, ALSO, pecs are one of the largest muscle groups in your body, which means that a workout devoted to working chest is more metabolically demanding than hopping on the treadmill or working arms instead (because you want "toned" arms more than you want sexy AF pecs). You will never see your bad ass arms if you aren't kicking your metabolism in the balls with lots of heavy ass, big muscle group lifting!

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