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Question of the Day: Do I Need Rest Days?

Meh. Yes AND No. If you crushed the weights all week, a day of rest is the best thing your can do for your muscles/recovery/growth. If you "hurt", then don't exacerbate that area. If you have a mild cold but no fever, lift. If you have the flu, rest. Listening to your body is key. But some people are fucking stubborn and DEAF. Would you rather rest for a day or two (when growth happens), or get injured because you've broken down your muscles/body and then forced them to do more than they can, need surgery or bed rest and have to rest for MONTHS???? Your choice. "Pushing through" isn't really all that impressive.

Vacation Rule #1

There are no vacation rules! Workout, try to eat right, if you must. Don't workout, eat whatever you want, if you must. Or, move as much as possible and enjoy some treats while you're away. It's up to you. A week "off plan" will not set you back. It might actually do you good: better frame of mind; regeneration of energy and motivation; rest/recovery; metabolism boost. If you're a compulsive dieter, it will only do you good to take a break.

Vacation Tip

Not new news, but these are a staple for me. Take these anywhere. Chug them anytime. No refrigeration required. I use the caramel flavor as my coffee creamer. 30g of protein/5g carbs per drink.

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