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Food is the Problem, Right?

Did you know that you achieve this (or insert goal physique here):

Yet still eat this:

  • "If I could only get the nutrition part down..."

  • "But I eat clean and workout 7 days a week. I don't know why I can't lose weight!"

  • "I've been eating healthy for the past 6 months, but I have not lost one pound!"

  • "I can't lose weight because my family has too much junk food in the house!"

  • "I feel so much better when I eat clean!"

  • "My problem is I eat too much!"

  • "I'm not tracking what I eat; that's too much work!"

  • "If I could just give up sweets, I know I'd lose weight!"

Here's the kicker, people (this might blow your mind): if you burn 2,000 calories a day; but you only eat 1,900 calories a day (whether it's all bacon and pizza or all chicken breast and sweet potatoes), you will lose weight. Now, if you cut that food intake to 1,700 calories a day; quicker loss!

Now, how do you know how much you burn a day? You Google that shit and find an online calculator to figure it out or you use a fitness tracker that includes a heart rate monitor and track your activity for a few days.

Then, how do you know how much you eat in a day? YOU HAVE TO TRACK THAT SHIT. It's not optional, people. My Fitness Pal is quite popular; has a very supportive community; and has a giant database of foods/restaurants. I'm on Day 1157 of consecutive tracking. Even if I don't track some of my "looser nutrition" days anymore; I still log-in. It's a habit now.

You're making it much, much, MUCH too complicated. Quit sabotaging yourself because your nutrition isn't perfect. "My nutrition isn't where it needs to be" may be a fact; but it may also be a cop-out.

YOUR.NUTRITION.DOES.NOT.HAVE.TO.BE.[WHAT YOU CONSIDER].PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! EVER. Or even for a week. If you can eat under maintenance 5-6 days of the week (and that "under maintenance" can even include whatever you can fit from pancakes to bread to gummi bears to chocolate to potatoes to #nothingbutbacon), you CAN enjoy a treat or two the other 2 days and STILL MAKE PROGRESS!!! HOLY SHIT...WHAAAAAAAAA????? 😲

Don't get me wrong! You need discipline. You need patience. You need commitment. You need consistency. And those qualities will take time to strengthen (just like muscles!). But if you want something badly enough, you will do what needs to be done. If you will not do what needs to be done, then that is on you.

Now, add in hitting your MACROS and lifting heavy, and you can build yourself a ripped, brick shithouse.

I do macro plans and other fitness/nutrition consulting. Rattle my cage if you're ever interested in my assistance.

Stay #savagestrong!

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