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"Not Everyone Wants to Look Muscular"

As a self-proclaimed muscle snob, I've had many a female say to me, "Well, not everyone wants to look muscular". Okay. So you don't want to "look" muscular; and that's your decision. It's WRONG, but this is a free country, so what the fuck; let's go with it. You likely don't want to look muscular; but you do want to be "toned", right? Or you want to look "fit"? Or, perhaps, (*gasp*), you just want to be "healthy"? The hard truth is that you can't appear "toned" or "fit" without lifting heavy ass weights and getting your nutrition dialed in. Therein lies the rub, and I addressed that in a previous blog.

So then, why SHOULD you lift weights/resistance train? I'm not going to get all "sciency" here, but most of these are factual-ish. 😉

  1. You will build strong bones; thus, staving off osteoporosis as you age.

  2. Your posture will improve.

  3. Better posture leads to a better fucking attitude about everything, and people just respect great posture. Great posture conveys confidence and strength!

  4. Strength. Strength = power. Power in every aspect of life. The stronger one is physically, it is likely the stronger they are mentally. You will no longer have to rely on others to lift shit for you. God forbid, the cashiers at your favorite store have to actually LIFT that case of water to scan the UPC. You got this, bitch.

  5. Shape. You body will have SHAPE! You will not just be a "stick" or a "blob" or a "potato sack".

  6. All-around badassery. Confidence and self-esteem skyrocket. THIS is what you come to realize: You're strong, you're capable, you've lifted the heavy shit, you've ACHIEVED something you didn't know was attainable; you've sweated and you've swore, and you've HURT and it burned and you're sore, but it was all so fucking worth it because you can do ANYTHING now. The rest of the day is gravy, because that gym session was the hardest fucking thing you will do all day.

  7. MUSCLE = METABOLISM. The more muscle you have, the more you can eat. If you're one of those people who "doesn't like food" or "who forgets to eat", I don't even know why we're friends.

  8. MUSCLE FIGHTS FAT. An increase in muscle reduces body fat.

  9. Having confidence, strength, power and discipline combat depression.

  10. Better heart health, lower blood sugar, lower risk of dia-bee-tiz, improved balance, improved mental health.

  11. The guys at the gym would LOVE to have you join them in the free weight section. Oh, but you are nervous to join them? Then hire a personal trainer for a few sessions. They will march you right in there, show you how/what/how much to lift, teach you how to write your own programs, and, BOOM!, you will rule that joint.

  12. Daily living is easier.

  13. The characteristics of someone who lifts weights - discipline, consistency, dedication, mental toughness, physical strength, patience, lower body fat, personal fulfillment, purpose, goal-setting - this is GOOD stuff! Who would fault you for having any one of those qualities??? WHO?

The negatives of weightlifting:

  1. You may never hear "Oh, my cats! You've gotten so skinny!"

So, yeah, I'm gaga about the lifting of the heavy shit. Do YOU have to be? Nope. Should you be? YES! You don't have to do it to appear muscular; but you SHOULD do it for every other reason mentioned above (and there are many more, I'm sure). If you're suffering from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, excess body fat, weakness, body aches and pain, depression, lack of energy; these are not reasons that you cannot lift weights; they are reasons why you MUST!

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