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You're Nothing But A Guinea Pig!

Hey, I could have called you an asshole! It'll happen. Give me time.

What I mean is this: Why not look at your workout programs/nutrition as experiments? You're a SAVAGE; you're committed to your workouts, but things can get a bit stale from time-to-time. Try this:

Eat more carbs for a few weeks.

  • How does your physique respond?

  • How does it look?

  • How do your workouts feel?

  • Are you stronger?

  • Are you weaker?

  • How do you feel? More energy? Less?

  • How are you sleeping?

Do only cardio for a few weeks. All variations of cardio: LISS, MISS, HIIT, HIT, Tabata. Again, check the above variables.

Only lift weights for a few weeks; no cardio. AGAIN, check the above variables.

Eat no carbs for a few weeks. YET AGAIN, check the above variables.

The possibilities of the experiments are endless really. And it's kind of fun and keeps things interesting. *fist bump*

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