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Dafuq does that even MEAN, Savage?????

Here is what it DOESN'T mean:

  • Doormat

  • Pussy

  • Pathetic

  • Weak

  • Dumb

  • Quiet

  • Repressed

  • Timid

  • Unworthy

It DOESN'T mean that just because you've taken your career, your lifestyle, your physique, your athleticism, your home, or your automobile to another level that YOU are now on another level. YOU are still human. We are ALL just human.

Here is what it DOES mean:

  • Modest

  • Unpretentious

  • Content

  • Courteous

  • Imperfect

  • Kind

It DOES mean that while you may have achieved a goal or goals - plural - that while you have accomplished great things; enviable things; things of other peoples' means that you realize you're still fucking human. It means that you realize that others look to you and strive to be like you. It means that you realize this and you do what you can to help others; that you support those who are still working to become a better version of themselves; you think of OTHERS rather than always seeking accolades and attention for yourself.

Others may not have the financial means, the coach(es), the therapists, the doctors, the education, the knowledge, the experience, the wardrobe, the automobile, the house; they may not have been in the right place at the right time, but they have goals and dreams and desires too. And YOU - with all of your experience, education, wisdom, knowledge, goals reached, medals won, accolades received - you are still fucking humble enough to be there and to share and to help and to nurture those wanting to achieve SOMETHING even one iota close to what you have achieved. THAT'S HUMILITY.

So I try to #stayhumble. It's pretty easy to do. I'm just so grateful for the opportunities I've been given; the opportunities I've taken; the friends who've helped me - who have generously given of their time and knowledge - so that I can continue working towards my goals. I have so much I still want to accomplish, and I realize that in a world of peas, I'm just one pea on a giant pea tree (they have those?).

I'm humbled every day by those who read this wee little blog of mine; by those who take the time to comment or share it; by those who tell me I'm someone different than I feel I am. So humbled. Thank you ALL for reminding me that we're ALL just human.

Stay #savagestrong

Savage Strong

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