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But I Didn't Burn Very Many Calories!!! Waaaaaaaaaah!

Today's workout ^ Underwhelming calorie burn, huh?

I did about 30 minutes of heavy-ass deadlifts, followed by about 8 minutes of high-rep biceps.

Am I disappointed in that calorie burn? Abso-fucking-lutely NOT!

Why? Because:

  1. I stimulated testosterone production with the deadlifts

  2. I stimulated Human Growth Hormone with the bicep curls

  3. The "afterburn" after a workout like this is much higher than if I did an hour on the elliptical

  4. This type of workout forces the body to run on all cylinders all damn day (or more) to recover.

The moral of this bad ass blog? Fuck calorie burn. Lift heavy shit; get your nutrition dialed in; use cardio as a tool...the rest will take care of itself.

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