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"I Have No Motivation!"

I can give you a lot of things...

... I can spew my passion all over social media; I can post MEMEs and selfies until the cows come home; I can tell you that you have what it takes; I can give you advice; I can even write out your workouts and menu for you; I can spoon the macros into your pie hole; I can even drive you to the gym and carry you to the squat rack...

But I CANNOT give you motivation! Motivation is entirely internal. "INSPIRATION" on the other hand, is entirely external. 

So what do you do? Do you go through the motions until that motivation magically appears? YES. But it won't be magical. It will be what I call "forced motivation". You will reach that turning point to feeling motivated when you SEE and FEEL the results of your hard work. When a quad pops; a pair of jeans slip on a bit easier; when the 20# curls seem a bit too light. It WILL happen, but until it does, you SEARCH for inspiration. 

You become a living sponge. A thirsty sponge. You're so dry! You need to soak up all of the inspiration you can: read amazing blogs (hint, hint), look up new workout programs, join forums and groups that that are fitness-focused, Google "inspirational quotes"...whatever it takes! 

Or, you quit. Are you kidding me right meow? YOU NEVER FUCKING QUIT!!! You keep clawing and fighting and DOING until you feel that fire again! 

Stay #savagestrong 

Savage Strong

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