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People Are Like Dogs

How? They respond to the "reward system" very well.

How do you teach a dog to sit, stay, roll over, fetch, etc? With treats,of course.

If you give a dog treats constantly, what's to work for? What's to look forward to? Why be a well-behaved doggy 24/7/365 if you're getting treats whether you're a good dog or a naughty dog?

So like good little doggies, we have to be well-behaved MOST of the time, or we do not get the treats!

As we go into the 4th of July weekend, we know there will be so many delicious treats to choose from. Do we get to eat them all with reckless, naughty doggy abandon? Well, we ARE human after all. So, yeah, we CAN eat all of the treats, but to what end? To go into Wednesday, July 5th, feeling like shit? That's not the goal, is it?

The goal is to reward ourselves for the discipline we practice MOST of the time. Assuming you are fairly disciplined with your calories/macros MOST of the time, you DESERVE a few damn treats.

Here's how I intend to reward my "good doggy" behavior this weekend: First, I will not miss a workout. Second, I will be disciplined for every meal, every day, EXCEPT for one. How I do that is to enjoy delicious, nutrition-rich meals packed with lean protein, healthy fats and a few carbs for my "good doggy" meals. Then, at a BBQ or on the lake, I reward myself with a good burger, a few chips, a piece of blueberry pie, vodka-infused watermelon (it's WATERMELON!) get the gist. Yeah, I don't really drink much anymore, so not sure that will actually happen, but it sounds good in theory. Haha!

You CAN reach your goals by indulging now and again. If you're someone who is usually dieting, the treats might actually do your body and metabolism GOOD. Imagine that!

I will NOT derail my goals by enjoying a few well-earned treats this Holiday weekend. AND, I will go into July 5th feeling refreshed, well-fueled, strong, and so happy that I didn't sit on the sidelines watching all of the other doggies enjoy themselves.

In closing, whether you've been a naughty or good doggy, enjoy what this Holiday means. FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE. You have the right to pursue YOUR hopes, dreams and aspirations. How cool is that??? Happy 4th of July 2017, my friends.

Stay #savagestrong

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