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"But Lifting Is Boring!"

If I had a dollar for every time I hear this, I wouldn't need to charge for my services, because I'd be one rich bitch! I've been lifting for well over 13 years, and my passion for it only grows. But HOW? But WHY???

Because I see infinite possibilities within each and every workout. I'm on my TWELFTH round of Body Beast. Kind of. Do I do it "as written"? Nope. Haven't used the DVDs in over 2 years either. Haven't done it as written since about my 4th round. So for the past 2 years, I've been screwing around with it; making each and every workout it's own unique ass-kicker. But HOW?????

  • Change up the rep scheme. Instead of 15/12/8; try 12/10/5 or 10/8/3 OR 5/3/1 (as rep scheme gets lower, weights should get heavier).

  • Don't do straight sets (i.e. 15 reps of curls, 12 reps of curls, 8 reps of curls...). Try supersets (i.e. 15 reps of DB press, superset - immediately after press - with 15 reps of skullcrushers; 12 reps of DB press, superset with 12 reps of skullcrushers...).

  • Giant sets. A group of 4 or more exercises that target one body part (i.e. deadlifts, bent over rows, 1-arm db rows, renegade rows, done one right after the other).

  • Switch up your splits. For instance, when you do a back/bi workout, all of your back exercises are essentially pre-fatiguing your biceps in that working back also works the biceps to a degree. Same with chest/tris. So, try back/tris and chest/bis to change things up. Bet you notice those smaller muscle groups feel fresher doing splits this way!

  • Do a short (20-30 minute super heavy lifting sesh - rep scheme 5/3/1) and finish it up with 4 minutes of Tabata for an extra, muscle-sparing hit to that metabolism.

  • Create full body circuits with some of the exercises; hitting all body parts each circuit. Try 15 reps for one workout; do 12 reps another day; 8 on another. Again, as reps get lower, weights get heavier. Here's an example (done as a circuit; one exercise right after another; do 3-4 rounds; resting only after you've completed a round):

  • Goblet squats

  • Incline DB press

  • Bentover EZ bar row

  • DB tricep extension

  • Straight-legged deadlifts

  • Push-ups

  • 1-arm DB row

  • Seated DB press

But this requires work, right? Yes. It requires preparation and forethought. But that's how beginner and intermediate lifters grow their knowledge; and become advanced lifters. Advanced lifters lift because it's life. It's never boring because the possibilities really are endless.

I'm *this* close to offering online workout programming. If you're bored; have hit a plateau; are not sure how to continue moving FORWARD; haven't felt joy for your workouts in a long time...I can help you. I WANT to help you! Let me do the work for you. You're always welcome to contact me with any questions.

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