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Back Up The Bus

You've been dieting for weeks. Months, even. Everything is lower: the number on the scale, your body fat percentage, the size of your clothes annnnnnnnnd - dammitalltohell - your metabolism.

You've been doing some extra cardio during your diet ("cut"); you've ramped up the intensity of your workouts. You've had your eye on the prize; you've been focused, driven, excited and you've succeeded (or at the very least, made progress toward your goal physique)!

Now, what do you do? First, you take pics and IG that shit. Next, you plan your "get outta diet jail hell" celebratory meal. Then what?

Just as you would look where you're going before putting the bus into "reverse" and flooring it, so as not to slam into and total the brand new car behind you (you're the shiny new car - duh); so too should you not "floor it" with the buffets and return to eating with reckless abandon. Nor should you immediately drop ALL of the cardio, Tabata, HIIT; the INSANE workouts.

"Reverse dieting" is exactly what it says it is. You do what you did for weeks or months to achieve your brand new car that everyone has been "oohing" and "ahhhing" over, but you reverse it. Now, what you SHOULD have been doing was slowly, gradually, patiently lowering your calories/carbs every few weeks while dieting so as not to lose energy, muscle, your joy, or damage your metabolism...

Now that you're happy with your brand new car; you want to keep it that way, right? So you slowly, gradually, patiently INCREASE your calories, carbs, fats until you find your new "maintenance". That tipping point where you start gaining body fat. Just under that tipping point is your new maintenance.

To that same end, you can begin scaling back on the cardio (instead of 5x a week; drop to 3x; then 2...every couple weeks or so). Keep your workouts INSANE because that's just how Savages roll.

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P.S. Here I am assuming you're tracking your calories and macros. This is ESSENTIAL, in my opinion, to achieving your physique goals (whether it's cutting, maintaining or bulking). Hit me up if you're ever interested in my help with macro planning or any of this fitness shiznitz.

Stay #savagestrong!

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