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What Is The ONE Supplement You Should Be Taking?

I lifted weights for TEN years before I started taking this supplement. In the 3 years since I started taking it, my physique has changed more than it did in all of the prior 10.

I don't have a lot of regrets in life, but not taking this inexpensive, readily-available, SAFE little gem sooner has to be one of the biggest. I didn't take it for so many reasons. The foremost of which was misinformation and my own unwillingness to do my own research.

The myths abound:

  • It causes kidney and liver damage

  • It causes gastrointestinal distress

  • It causes cramping and dehydration

  • It causes compartment syndrome

  • It causes rhabdomyolosis

  • It makes you bloated/gain weight

The facts:

  • It increases muscle endurance

  • It increases strength

  • It increases lean muscle mass

I recently did a 12-week cut ("diet") and continued taking this supplement throughout. I didn't cycle off of it to "lessen the bloat", if you will. I don't notice bloating from it at all. The key is STAYING HYDRATED.

I am, of course, referring to creatine monohydrate (or just "creatine", NOT creatinine). You figured that out, right? If you lift weights and your goal is to build a lean, muscular physique, it's really foolish not to take it. *Unless a medical professional advises you otherwise, or you have tried to take it and experienced intolerable side effects.

What's the first thing you're going to do after reading this blog? If you're not already doing it, you're going to get some plain creatine monohydrate powder and you're going to take 3-5g a day every day. I like mine in my post-workout whey shake, but it really doesn't matter when you take it or what you mix it with; just take it every day. All 7 days. 3-5g a day. Take it. Thank me in a few months.

Stay #savagestrong (with creatine, you'll be #savagestronger)

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