June 29, 2017

...isn't always about how much money you have in the bank, but about how much passion you have in the...

June 29, 2017

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Women's flowy tanks, unisex hoodies, Hanes tag...

June 28, 2017

So what? They don't own you. YOU own you. The very best thing you can do for YOU is become stronger,...

June 27, 2017

If I had a dollar for every time I hear this, I wouldn't need to charge for my services, because I'd...

June 26, 2017

You've been dieting for weeks. Months, even. Everything is lower: the number on the scale, your body...

June 23, 2017

Yesterday, I had a conversation with Discipline. It went a little something like this:

Me: "I'm on my...

June 22, 2017

I don't have a lot of regrets in life, but not taking this inexpensive, readily-available, little...

June 21, 2017

If it was too miraculous, too fast and...and...they claim, EASY? It probably was. It's the mirac...

June 19, 2017

Eat your damn protein.

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